Re: problems cloning glib and mutter from Ghana

On Sun, May 16, 2010 at 2:58 AM, Ben Konrath <ben bagu org> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm following up a chat I had on IRC a couple of days ago. I'm
> connecting from a faster connection now so I'm not seeing the problem
> but I would still like to have this issue in the archives.
> I'm in Ghana and I'm having problems cloning the glib and mutter git
> repos. Here's what's happening:
> -> When I run git 'clone git://', it just hangs at
> this stage:
> Initialized empty Git repository in /home/ben/Desktop/mutter/.git/
> -> Switching to a new terminal, I am able to checkout smaller modules
> like caribou
> -> Running 'mtr' as root gives very minimal lost packets
> (0.4% or less on some nodes)
> Olav Vitters posted this error message from the server logs to the IRC chat:
> <bkor> May 14 17:18:56 git xinetd[2003]: START: git pid=20892
> from=::ffff:
> <bkor> May 14 17:18:56 git git-daemon[20892]: Connection from
> <bkor> May 14 17:18:56 git git-daemon[20892]: Extended attributes (20
> bytes) exist <>
> <bkor> May 14 17:18:56 git git-daemon[20892]: Request upload-pack for '/glib'
> <bkor> May 14 17:42:25 git git-daemon[20892]: fatal: read error:
> Connection timed out
> <bkor> May 14 17:42:25 git xinetd[2003]: EXIT: git status=128
> pid=20892 duration=1409(sec)
> <bkor> not sure if that is normal or not
> The last time I had a problem was trying to clone mutter at around
> 22:00 - 00:00 UTC on Friday night. I was connecting from
> Could somebody check the logs to see if there are errors from that IP
> around that time?
> I'm also curious if git is known to not work well on slow connections.
> Like I said, I'm now using a different and faster connection (I'm at a
> different hotel) so I can't test things out with the other connection.
> I'm going to try to clone mutter with my cellular modem later today to
> see if that works.
> I'm not on this list so please cc me.

Just so everyone is aware, what version of git are you using?

Jeff Schroeder

Don't drink and derive, alcohol and analysis don't mix.

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