Initial combobox config, what's next

OK, I just got the new GNOME file server installed and network

The machine is called combobox

 - Because we're planning to do both file serving on this and make
   this a virtualization host - so it's a "combination".

 - Because GtkComboBox is a container - holds stuff. (GtkComboBox is
   a pretty limited container, this is definitely not a limited
   machine, but you can't get perfection.)

So far, about all its good for is a) logging in, if you
are on the sysadmin team b) marveling at all the RAM, CPU, and is 
disk available.

What I did

* reconfigured RAID to have one single raid-10 partition 
  (64k stripe size)

* Installed RHEL-5 into a 20GB / partition

* Registered with RHN, fully updated, and configured machine for auto

* Added puppet node configuration

  node "" {
      $public_ip = ''
      $public_name = 'combobox'
      $private_name = 'combobox-back'

      include gnome_users
      include virtualization_host
      include postfix::client

      include backup

* Started puppet, signed server certificate on puppet server,
  made sure puppet configuration all ran completely.

* Propagated wheel group accounts locally

What remains to be done

* Create a partition for data storage, mount it. (I'm thinking a 1TiB
  partition, leaving 300GiB or so free for VMs. Right now we are 
  using LVM partitions for virtual machines on drawable.)

* Migrate /home/users and /home/admin from,
  the change the puppet configuration to pull from combobox, and 
  also update fstab on the non-puppet-managed machines and remount.

* Migrate mail archives export from (exported
  to menubar)

* Migrate cobbler from container - this will involve creating a
  cobbler puppet module and improving the docs from - the current cobbler
  setup is sort of hacked together.

* Find anything else that's still on container and migrate that.
  ( is on container, but I'm not sure it has
  anything useful. I can't think of anything else, but some checking
  would be useful.)

* Set up virtualization, either with KVM or Xen (we're using Xen
  on vbox, so there is some virtue to consistency, but KVM is
  the direction of the future.)

* Start figuring out what VMs we want to run on combobox.
  Do we want to start the process of breaking apart and
  puppetizing window? Do we want to move and other
  websites from label and leave label as just LDAP and Mango?
  Do we want to try and get stuff off the simpler 2004-vintage
  servers (button, menubar)?

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