Using different translation workflow

I am the maintainer of Solang.

There are a lot of claims in this which range from "not true" to
"downright false".

> translation teams have to use several different platform for their work,
> there is clearly an overhead implied.

If you do not want to translate Solang, then do not do so. It is your choice.

Secondly we are using Git. So how will you stop someone from having a
separate Git tree where somebody else is committing translations?
There is a high chance of those GNOME and non-GNOME submissions of
getting mixed when the trees are merged, etc..

> Considering various comments on
> the bug #608627, coordinators don't like this situation.

Some co-ordinators do not like. Many of those translators who have
been submitting through from the early days are GNOME
translators too. Although they do not want to express their opinions
publicly, they have clearly stated their preference for

> So the question is, should we make it an explicit requirement to use
> as the main translation platform for a module to be
> hosted in GNOME Git?

So you started off by filing a bug which basically asked me to choose
one or the other platform. Now that I have made a choice and you do
not seem to like it, you are taking it one level further. This is not
a very honest way to deal with people.

Moreover the phrase "main translation platform" is misleading. You
want Damned Lies to be the _only_ (main and only are different words
with different meanings) platform. This is what I am not comfortable
with. These sort of statements will make want to stay from

Again, if you do not want to translate a module which does not
exclusively (note the term exclusively) use, then do
not translate it.

One reason that life is complex is that it has a real part and an
imaginary part.
    -- Andrew Koenig

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