Change in moderated mailing list handling

Hello Moderator Team,

I've written a script which automates some of the moderator gnome org
email handling.

If a listadmin puts moderator gnome org as the *sole* moderator contact,
1. This list will receive the daily 'to be moderated' emails
2. The moderator password will be changed to the standard password if it
wasn't at the moment.

Do you want any other moderator setting changed? E.g. maybe the
forward_auto_discards setting? Currently always yes (forwards discarded
email to the moderator). I do not find that useful at all (most often
spam is forwarded). People should complain if their message never
arrives. So: want that changed? Should any other setting be changed?

We can also change the 'generic_nonmember_action' from 'Hold' (if that
is the current setting, some have it to 'Accept' to 'Discard'. But that
is a big policy change which would need to be discussed. Would make
crossposting pretty much impossible as well.

Script is in sysadmin-bin module and is called
mail/mailman-moderated-lists. It runs daily via cron under the mailman
user, see /etc/cron.d/mailing-list-scripts.


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