joining the sysadmins team

Hi Paul,

I'd like to join and help out the GNOME sysadmin team.

* I have been using GNOME for more than 5 years now, and would like to
contribute back.
* I have some experience as a sysadmin:
     - I am one of the 2 sysadmins for our school website, and the ocps domain
     - I have learned a lot of administration skills through my
interns at: eprentise, and Sun (sql databases and data migration)
     - I help out our local team here with mailing list moderation.
     - I am also the sysadmin for some of my teacher's websites/blogs
who need help in managing their sites :)
* I like learning new things, and I am a pretty fast learner.

What I know?
* Perl, PHP, Python, JS and learning Drupal
* Bugzilla, Tomcat, OpenGrok, Glassfish, Blog administration systems
(like word-press) installation and managing experience.
* A good knowledge of Dtrace which is a very helpful server admin. tool
* A good hold on the command-line

One of the big reason for me to join the team is to learn more and
make the best even better :) I mostly work in documentation team and
fixing bugs, some people can vouch for me, but their emails might be a
little late :)

I would really like to join and learn more from the experts.  More
information available upon request.

Vikram Dhillon

There are lots of Linux users who don't care how the kernel works, but
only want to use it. That is a tribute to how good Linux is.
-- Linus Torvalds

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