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--- Comment #1 from Christer Edwards <christer edwards gmail com> 2010-12-28 18:52:20 UTC ---
drawable: I seem to have fixed the issue re: mysqld-slow.log. I simply created
the file manually and chown'd it to mysql:mysql. I no longer see that error in
the log and the file has been in place for about a week.

progress: I don't get the same error on this host (re: -slow.log), so this may
not be an issue (or perhaps it isn't configured to log slow queries). This has
current logs as well as rotated logs, one per day for the last 7 days. This
also has a /var/log/mysql/ with old (2008) log files. I vote these are safe to

socket: This host matches progress in its logging status. It has rotated logs
daily for the last week, it has the archive folder of /mysql/ and no -slow.log
file. Perhaps these two just need to be configured for slow logging.

Any thoughts on standardizing between the three? One is RH and two are Ubuntu.

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