[Bug 628201] mod_wsgi support on window.gnome.org

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--- Comment #14 from Frederic Peters <fpeters 0d be> 2010-12-13 18:17:37 UTC ---
Extracting useful lines from our IRC conversation...

<SEJeff> fredp, ok well thats good to know. So, what do you want me to do :)
<fredp> SEJeff: mod_wsgi, and a little snippet in the apache configuration,
pointing to lgoweb.wsgi
<SEJeff> But if you prefer ~gnomeweb thats fine as well.
<fredp> well, the thing is already all installed in ~gnomeweb/, so I think it's
easier to go with the existing installation
<SEJeff> Sure
<SEJeff> And I take it you want this to run as a wsgidaemonprocess or whatever?
<SEJeff> where you can touch the wsgi file to trigger a code recompile /
<SEJeff> fredp, Would you be ok with a setup like we worked out for snowy?
<SEJeff> http://live.gnome.org/Snowy/Install/WSGI
<SEJeff> using the gnomeweb user?
<SEJeff> and the wsgi file you provided already
<fredp> using gnomeweb is fine, if it's ok for you from a security pov.
<SEJeff> Well unless you think it should be a separate user, it doesn't matter
to me.
<fredp> well, apache isn't running as gnomeweb, so a dedicated user for that
wsgi may also be nice.
<SEJeff> correct. Thats one of the benefits of the wsgi daemon model. The
apache children running it run as a separate user

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