new hardware + rhel6 migration

All -

We got some good news today in the form of a donated server and
approval of new hardware! We'll soon be getting a second machine to
match Jeff's donated combobox as well as a donated server to handle
DNS and LDAP. What does this mean outside of knowing the Board loves
us? It means we'll soon need to get busy preparing some major
migrations! I want to get the conversation started publicly and put
together a rough timeline, service and host priority, organization,

The general idea is to virtualize the majority of services into better
organized and efficiently provisioned (re: system resources) hosts. I
imagine this requires some discussion re:

1) defining services to be organized / migrated (ie; web, dns, git,
ldap, etc, etc)
2) define which services can be virtualized vs those that cannot (ie;
ldap and dns currently will not be)
3) define which web-services will be on shared-hosts vs standalone
(ie; currently snowy is dedicated. what else should be dedicated?)
4) define, if any, hosts that will not or cannot be migrated to RHEL6.
5) define test cases for RHEL5 -> RHEL6 migrations

I'm sure there is more to discuss, but that is off the top of my head.

I imagine much of this work will not happen until after the new year,
but the more we can discuss and define before then the better off
we'll be when we're ready to start.

I've created a wiki page in the Sysadmin namespace to document the
ideas we've agreed on.

Please contribute your thoughts, concerns, and ideas to make this a
smooth transition.

Thank you,

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