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--- Comment #4 from Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> 2010-08-30 20:04:38 UTC ---
To give some motivation why mod_scgi is a bit of a problem - 

In general, web server load is probably the biggest runtime problem that
sysadmins have to deal with on an emergency basis. If things are tuned wrong,
or if some unexpected interaction comes up, you can pretty easily end up with
200 100meg apache processes.

To deal with this sort of problem, you have to understand the pieces - how the
web services are configured, etc.

If every web service we run is doing it differently - mod_cgi, mod_python,
mod_wsgi, mod_scgi, then that makes it much harder for whatever sysadmin that
is around to at 2am on a Sunday morning to understand and fix the problem.

Recently, we've been standardizing on mod_wsgi for Python web services - we
have a couple done that way (at least live.gnome.org and shell-perf.gnome.org
that I recall).

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