Accounts Team Addition

Hello guys,

I saw that the Accounts team needs a lot of love and I wanted to help
you guys out handling some of the requests.

But let me present myself:

My name is Andrea Veri, I'm an Ubuntu Developer [1], Debian Maintainer
(soon DD) [2], and GNOME Foundation Member [3]. I love GNOME since the
first time I saw it when running Debian / Ubuntu for the very first
time 3-4 years ago.

I know Jeff Schroeder from the sysadmin team and he told me that he
gonna mentor me through the tools if my addition is fine for you.

Some recommendation I received from my NM process in Debian that will
confirm you how I am and how my work looks like and why you can trust

I'm adding Jeff as CC, so he can confirm.


[2] php?login=andrea veri89 gmail com

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