Re: New push emails

On Mon, 2009-03-09 at 19:34 +0100, Christian Persch wrote:
> Hi;
> Could an extra header be added to the commit mails that contain the
> list of paths the commit modifies? The SVN commit mails have that, and
> I use it to filter the commit mails, e.g. to automatically
> mark-as-read commits that only touch po/. (For the SVN mails the paths
> are in the Subject:, but I like the git mails subject containing
> the short summary of the commit better, so an extra header would be
> preferred.)

Was discussed earlier. It would have to be defined exactly what went in
there - is it just the common prefix to all affected files?

> Also, there appears to be some problem with UTF-8 in the commit mails,
> both in Subject: and the mail body. Look e.g. at this commit:
> Claws displays the em-dash in both subject and body incorrectly,
> evolution doesn't show the em-dash in the subject at all but does
> correctly show it in the body, and the ML archive shows it correct in
> the subject but wrong in the body. And amavis says:
> X-Amavis-Alert: BAD HEADER, Non-encoded 8-bit data (char E2 hex):
> Subject: ...ntrospection] Bug 574139 \342\200\223 There is no [...]

Well, there's an issue in that git doesn't know much about character
sets - if you have an iso-8859-1 file it's going to be UTF-8 in the
diff. But I think assuming that the commit message and body are UTF-8 is
pretty reasonable in the GNOME context.

Should be a pretty easy fix. (Python has a email.header module that can
be used to do the funky =?utf-8?q?blah blah?= escaping. Then you add
a Content-Type: text/plain; charset="UTF-8" header for the body.)

- Owen

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