[PATCH 0/5] Misc. improvements to gnome git mail notification scripts


Owen was kind enough to point out the gnome-post-receive-email script
in the gitadmin-bin repo in #fedora-admin a few days ago.  We added
this to the Fedora Infrastructure box that handles our puppet
repository.  I'm also planning to use this on the fedorahosted and
other infrastructure boxes for mail notification.  Many thanks to all
who have worked on these scripts!

One minor issue that had bitten us with previous mail notification hooks
was proper encoding of non-ascii user names.  I've added a short patch
to encode such names according to RFC 2047, using the python email
package.  I tested this code against the users in the Fedora Account
System.  Out of 2124, 97 names were non-ascii and required encoding.
The code handled all of them without error.  (But as with all things 
charset related, annoying bugs may be lurking below the surface. :)

I ran into another issue when the hook was enabled for a new
repository.  When the first push was made the hook ran into problems
while trying to find the parent of the first_detailed_commit --
because there was no parent for the initial commit. :)

I've also added support for an X-Project header, which was used by our
previous hooks and some users may rely on for filtering, and made the
maildomain configurable via hooks.maildomain config variable.  I'm not
sure if any of these last three patches are of interest to gnome.org.
Feel free to drop them if they are not.

Todd Zullinger (5):
  gnome-post-receive-email: Encode user names as needed
  gnome-post-receive-email: Handle initial push
  git.py: Add get_project_description()
  gnome-post-receive-email: Add X-Project header
  gnome-post-receive-email: Make maildomain configurable

 git.py                   |   17 ++++++++++++++++
 gnome-post-receive-email |   49 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----
 2 files changed, 60 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

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