Re: Experimental repositories on

[Sorry for not replying to the thread, I just subscribed to the list]

This is amazing ! Thanks guys.

Some comments, from my experiments on the f-spot repo:
- there's a missing branch "ETTORE". No big deal, this old branch looks
- there's a strange tag "FSPOT_0_5_0_1_4438", that appeared at a time I
removed a tag (no big deal neither)
- on cgit, the Tags created with SVN (the CVS one are fine) do not have
an Author nor a Date. As the tags are sorted (on on reverse date order, the more recent
tags are listed at the end when they should be listed at top
- on cgit again, there's 3 main paragraph, "Branch", "Tag" and "Age".
Both "Age" and "Tag" are sorted on reverse date order but not "Branch".
- I do like the commit message conversion. Is it possible to enable a
similar hack as commit-hook (for new commits) ?



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