Svn hooks are annotated now

Hey, Behdad,

I finished looking at what each svn module uses for commit hooks. The
results are in --- it
turns out that (thankfully) all modules are mostly the same, with some
easy exceptions.

All repositories have a post-commit hook, and most have a pre-commit
hook.  Repositories that store web sites have the same commit hook, but
they also mail a magic address for an "update the web page"

So, now I'm ready to leave the hard work to you :)  I guess the next
step is to figure out the semantics for git's push hooks, and to
actually port the scripts.

Do you want to do that?  I could pick another TODO from the list
(svn:externals is making me pretty eyes), or start writing the docs
we'll need for people.

[Or I can continue with the hooks and start figuring out how to port


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