OK, the domain was a huge mess, with nothing going to the
right place (e.g., ended up with

I did a bunch of changes to DNS and the httpd configuration to get
things somewhat reasonable. Detailed below. Things won't fully work for
you until DNS propagates over the next day or so. (In particular
redirection from to is happening on
an external server, so until DNS propagates, you'll end up there.)

There's a "GNOME Historians" project here to create pages
for 2000/2001/2002 and improve the 2007 page - where it was, links to, photos, etc. Right now I just have 200[012] going
to the site for this year, but if we had historical pages, they could go
there instead.

- Owen


 Permanently redirect to (canonical name), preserving
 deep links.

 Redirect to, squashing deep
 Redirect to, preserving deep links.
 (used to be a ServerAlias for, ugh.)

 Redirect to, squashing deep links

 Redirect to, squashing deep links.
 Drupal installation was erroring out, and I wouldn't want it running
 unmaintained if it was working.

 Redirect to, squashing deep links

 Point to appropriate historical sites

  Removed DNS records, didn't seem to point anywhere useful. was a subdomain delegation to somewhere in Germany,
  presumably for the Stuttgart GUADEC.

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