doap:category check

Right now, validate-doap is refusing any DOAP files that
have doap:category properties outside our doap-extensions
resources.  That's totally anti-RDF.  People can set all
sorts of properties, including multiple doap:category
properties for plenty of things besides our cgit.

There's also the issue that get_property in semi_rdf
always gives the first occurrence of a property.  So
if people do have multiple categories (and I see no
reason to expect they shouldn't), they would have to
make sure the Gnome one is first.  Fragile.

Attaching a patch that should fix both these issues.
Please test.  It's hard for me to test this stuff
well without access to our cgit installation.


Attachment: 0001-Handle-doap-category-elements-more-correctly.patch
Description: application/mbox

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