Beagle git migration issue

Hello All,
I'd spoken about this on #git, but just to keep some history on this:

I tried building Beagle from git and it complained about a missing
file. I diff'ed the svn and git trees and found that
beagle/beagled/Lucene.Net differed significantly (there are files that
are missing and extra files as well). You can see the 2 trees at:

This particular file (which is also causing the build failure since it
doesn't exist in git), might be a good place to start looking:

Here's what I suspect the problem is: there is a branch called
beagle-lucene2_1, which tracked the Lucene 2.1 import. The branch was
created from only the beagle/ directory, which is at the top-level of
the Beagle svn/git module. This was merged to trunk in the following

I'm not sure how merge histories have been imported, but in this
history of the git 'master' branch, I only see commit '4577' which is
the merge commit, and none of the other commits in the
beagle-lucene2_1 branch which should have been merged along with the

Hope this makes sense, and helps.


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