Git commit sends my username not my name

When I commit changes to git it sends my box username and not the name
that I configured.

On the first try I had settings
1. $ git config -l
user email=mateju svn gnome org Urbančič

On the second I was reminded to change email to
$ git config -l
user email=mateju gnome org Urbančič

In both cases my username "studtko" was send and not my set name
"Matej Urbančič".

I successfully commit and push, even thou I had to do *git pull
--rebase* for the first successful one.

In the thread "Using Git and separating translations into their own
l10n-LL repository" I was given a suggestion from Simos that maybe the
problem is with my name being UTF-8 ...

Can you look into it?


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