Re: commit notification hooks and Git

On Thu, 2009-04-02 at 19:32 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote: 
> I'm trying to sort out notification hooks for prior to the
> migration to git. If you are receiving the mail, I think you might knows
> something about one of the existing mail hooks. Please read this or your
> website update may stop working.

OK, I think I have a) all the mails that are still applicable switch to
being sent out the new way b) the procmailrc hooks that I have access to

Detailed notes:

> All Modules
>         post-commit-mail-progress.awk $REPOS $REV

Mails are being sent, procmailrc and djamned-lies updated by Claude

> art-web foundation-web glade-web gnome-devel-docs gnome-docu gnome-user-docs gnomebr-web
>     gnomefr-web gnomeweb-wml guadec-web gw-web library-web memprof-web planet-web
>     porting-doc pygtk-web usability-web wallpaper-web web-devel-2
> 	echo $REPOS $REV | mail -s "UPDATE $MODULE" gnomeweb www gnome org
>   These are handled by the procmail rule:
>         :0 b
>         * ^Subject.*UPDATE.\/[-a-z0-9A-Z_]+
>         | /home/admin/bin/gnomeweb/ -m $MATCH
> (in this usage) doesn't do anything interesting with the contents
>   of stdin. It just writes the line to a file for debugging purposes.

Mails are being sent, procmailrc and updated.

> svn-web viewcvs-web
> 	echo $REPOS $REV | mail -s "UPDATE $MODULE" gnomeweb svn gnome org
>   Same as above but on

Mails are being sent, procmailrc and updated. Not
really working:

 A) I changed to @[ip-address] since mail
    is handled locally on
 B) I updated the iptables on and reloaded them to allow
    port 25 traffic from

But then the mail was getting forward back to instead of
delivered locally, and I didn't want to futz with it any more. Probably
a simple change to the postfix config.

> mail-web
> 	echo $REPOS $REV | mail -s "UPDATE $MODULE" gnomeweb mail gnome org
>   Same as above but on

Mails are being sent, procmailrc and updated.

> release-notes
> 	/svn/bin/post-commit-mail-libgo-tarball.awk $REPOS $REV
>   Sends a mail with the subject "BRANCH $MODULE" to gnomeweb www gnome org  The
>   contents are a series of lines containing a branch name (or "trunk") per line,
>   followed by a line with "$REPOS $REV". This is handled by the procmail rule.
>         :0 b
>         * ^Subject.*BRANCH.\/[-a-z0-9A-Z_]+
>         | /home/admin/bin/gnomeweb/ -b -m $MATCH
> reads the branchnames from stdin and more or less ignores
>   the trailing $REPOS $REV.

Mails are being sent, procmailrc and updated. (I just
special-cased release-notes in ~gnomeweb/.procmailrc rather than trying
to have a generic mechanism to handle modules that need per-branch
updates. If we need that, probably should be a config file somewhere.)

> damned-lies
> 	echo $REPOS $REV | mail -s "UPDATE damned-lies" gnomeweb progress gnome org
>   Used to go to but commented out

Did not configure mails. Removed by Claude.

> torrent-web
> 	echo "$REPOS $REV" | mail -s "UPDATE torrent-web" gnomeweb [140 211 167 166]
> 	- Why the IP address rather than a hostname?
> 		$ host
> domain name pointer
>   Seems to probably bounce - there is no gnomeweb user on this machine and no mail
>   alias.

Mails are being sent; don't have admin access on the machine to
update /home/admin/bin for or to adjust the procmailrc

> gimp-web gegl-web
> 	echo $REPOS $REV | mail -s "UPDATE $MODULE" geglweb mmmaybe gimp org

Mails are being sent, updates will be needed on

> gimp-web-devel
> 	echo $REPOS $REV | mail -s "UPDATE gimp-web-devel" rss gimp org

Mails are being sent, updates will be needed on

> gnome-db-web
> 	echo $REPOS $REV | mail -s "UPDATE gnome-db-web" gnomedb gollum gnome-db org
>    I think is now a wiki hosted on; is this module
>    now unused?

Did not configure the mails since no response.

> gtk-web
> 	echo $REPOS $REV | mail -s "gtk-web commit <secret key>" timj gtk org
>   I think it's really up to the recipient to script things so that someone can't 
>   create a horrible DOS by sending malicious mails. (Simply causing a continual
>   rebuild doesn't sound very fun.) If needed, though, we can just configure 
>   timj+<secret_key> as the recipient. ("secret" ... the git configuration
>   won't be protected by any strong measures, though it should be moderately
>   hard to get to.)

Did not configure the mails, since they apparently weren't even going to
the appropriate machine; let me know if you want mails sent anywhere.

- Owen

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