Generating .gitignore files


Based on an idea from halfline, I hacked a few lines to automatically generate .gitignore from It grew to a couple hundred lines, and is available from pango/

It generates perfect .gitignore files for pango, vte, gnome-terminal, and gucharmap. Which means it knows how to deal with gtk-doc, gnome-doc-utils, and intltool.

The idea is that .gitignore files are autogenerated and are NOT stored in the repository. To use, just copy into your toplevel, add it to git, run "make -f" and commit all changes it makes to your tree...

The file is self documented.

One remaining issue I'm not sure if I should cover up for in The m4/ dir as well as $(desktop_DATA) and $(schemas_DATA) are not clean even after maintainer-clean. That's bugs in the packages anyway. For now, I suggest adding m4 to GITIGNOREFILES, and add the other two to MAINTAINERCLEANFILES.

Bug reports, enhancements, etc welcome. Read the comments in the file first though. Eventually I'll find a better way to distribute this file.


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