Changes to the System Adminstration Team

GNOME Foundation members,

We'd like to announce a formal system administration team. GNOME has
long had an informal sysadmin team that has managed the
services. Putting this team on a more formal basis similar to the GNOME
Release Team will allow us to involve and recognize contributors more
effectively, and better coordinate with other parts of the GNOME

The team will be coordinated by a paid part-time system administrator.
John Carr has kindly offered to act as a coordinator to get the team
going on an interim basis and Codethink is generously donating his time.
However, we need your help to make this work long term.

In order to continue our current community plans and hire a system
administrator, we'd like to raise $50,000 through Friends of GNOME.
Thanks to our generous community members we have already received over
$5,000 this year. In addition, Google has put in $5,000 and Canonical
has offered to match the next $10,000. So we are 40% of the way there

Now we need your help! Please show your support for the GNOME project
and give to

The GNOME Sysadmin Team, Board of Directors, and Board of Advisers

About the System Administration Team

The system administration team is responsible for setting up new
services, maintenance and development of existing services, and for
keeping an eye on server logs, the sysadmin and infrastructure mailing
lists, and the request tracker queues. The team general looks after the
day-to-day administrative requirements of the GNOME servers.

The team is led by the Systems Administration Coordinator. If we raise
sufficient funding, the GNOME Foundation will make this a part-time paid
position. Responsibilities of the coordinator include:

 * Scheduling regular IRC meetings and setting the agenda for those 
 * Tracking the status of routine sysadmin tasks and making sure that
   there are sufficient resources on the team to accomplish them
 * Reporting at regular intervals to the GNOME board and foundation
 * Maintaining a roadmap of infrastructure enhancements
 * Making sure volunteers have the permissions needed to accomplish
   their tasks

Responsibilities of team members include:

 * Attending the IRC meetings
 * Regularly spending time handling routine tasks
 * Volunteering for infrastructure development projects as needed

For more information please see

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