Issues with the git migration in evince

Hi all, 

there are still problems with the git migration in evince (and probably
in other modules). I think it's a bug in svn-all-fast-export that
doesn't handle svn replace actions. Compare the backend directory in svn
and git:

This directory was replaced in revision 2197. See:

This means that the backend directory is removed and a new one with the
same name is added in the same revision. This is what
svn-all-fast-export doesn't correctly handle. Looking at the code, it
seems that replace actions are just ignored. 

An easy fix would be just removing those files from the backend
directory but I wouldn't like to do it because history is very important
for me and there might be other places where this problem is present and
hasn't been detected yet (even in other modules). I think it's only a
problem when replacing directories, not files, so it could be detected
with svn log. 

I can try to help with this, if I figure out how to build
svn-all-fast-export (it's qt based an it doesn't use autotools), so
please, let me know whether I can do something else. 

Carlos Garcia Campos
   elkalmail yahoo es
   carlosgc gnome org
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