Re: commit notification hooks and Git

On Thu, 2 Apr 2009, Owen Taylor wrote:

I'm trying to sort out notification hooks for prior to the
migration to git. If you are receiving the mail, I think you might knows
something about one of the existing mail hooks. Please read this or your
website update may stop working.

My proposal

Sounds very good to me. Thanks for looking into this at that level
of detail Owen.

	echo $REPOS $REV | mail -s "gtk-web commit <secret key>" timj gtk org

 I think it's really up to the recipient to script things so that someone can't
 create a horrible DOS by sending malicious mails. (Simply causing a continual
 rebuild doesn't sound very fun.) If needed, though, we can just configure
 timj+<secret_key> as the recipient. ("secret" ... the git configuration
 won't be protected by any strong measures, though it should be moderately
 hard to get to.)

I'd prefer a "secret" in the Header, Subject or Body, so it's just a
matter of adding a secret matching line to procmail rules, rather than
having to configure additional email aliases (which might not be easy
for systems where users don't have admin rights or generally quick
admin task handling).


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