Re: commit notification hooks and Git

Le jeudi 02 avril 2009 à 19:32 -0400, Owen Taylor a écrit :
> I'm trying to sort out notification hooks for prior to the
> migration to git. If you are receiving the mail, I think you might knows
> something about one of the existing mail hooks. Please read this or your
> website update may stop working.
> My proposal
> ============
> Every module can configure one or more email addresses to receive
> notification of branch updates. These mails will have the subject line:
> The body of the mail will be ref updates in standard git format:
> $OLDREV $NEWREV refs/heads/$BRANCH
> Either $OLDREV or $NEWREV may be the nil revision
> 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 to indicate a branch creation
> or deletion. Only branch updates will appear - tags and other refs
> will be omitted.
> (I don't think the body is needed for anything anybody is doing
> currently, but it's there in case you care.)
> I'll prime the list of configured recipients from the email addresses
> currently getting notification (detailed below). These mails will also
> be sent to gnomeweb progress gnome org for all modules.
> Current hook details
> ====================
> All Modules
>         post-commit-mail-progress.awk $REPOS $REV
>     Sends a mail to gnomeweb progress gnome org with a subject of
>       POCOMMIT $MODULE [trunk|$BRANCH]
>     if a commit changes multiple branches, then the branch is ommitted. The subject is
>     duplicated as single line in the body. There is committed out code to only send
>     mails for changes to po/, with the comment "danilo said damned-lies needs to regenerate
>     a POT file and so it needs to see string changes  easiest is to just send every commit
>     msg to progress"
>     This is handled by the procmail rule:
>         :0 bi
>         * ^Subject:.*POCOMMIT.\/[-+a-z0-9A-Z_ ]+
>         | cd /var/www/djamnedlies && /usr/bin/python /var/www/djamnedlies/ update-stats $MATCH
>     update-stats does not read stdin.

Seems your proposal is perfectly suited to replace this hook. A simple
update of the procmail rule should suffice.

> damned-lies
> 	echo $REPOS $REV | mail -s "UPDATE damned-lies" gnomeweb progress gnome org
>   Used to go to but commented out

You can drop this one. I'm now doing updates manually, as I don't want
all commits being automatically put in production.



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