Account requests and translators

Hi dear Sysadmins :-)

The good: I would like to thank you for all the good work you're doing
maintaining the GNOME infrastructure up and running. It's an essential
part for the growing GNOME community.

Now the bad :-/  Some requests cannot always pass through Mango, and the
answer delay on accounts gnome org seems very long.
It's especially important now for translators to have their account
problem resolved to be able to improve or complete their language
translation files.

The cases:
- Alexander Shopov (Bulgarian team leader) seems to have a locked SVN
account (#4210, #4217, #4427)
- Pramod Raghavendra (Kannada team leader) seems to suffer a similar
- I personally asked how to access to Mango (#4415) and still have no

If you're really short of human resources, maybe we could provide
someone from the gnome-i18n Coordination Team to help for queries
related to i18n (either myself or another volunteer).

Thank you to take time to resolve these issues.


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