Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) wrote:

>   So you already on it or you are waiting for someone to get you th
> list of svn accounts? If latter is the case, It's pretty easily doable
> using git but unfortunately the dates in the git repos created through
> git-svn aren't correct (or it seems to be the case).  I am no expert
> in svn  but reading the output of `svn help log` i don't see it be
> done easily using svn. :(

Good timing.  I'm working on it.  Have a draft of the survey itself.  I'm
installing a PHP-based survey software now.  Then will pass the survey by
board, r-t, and sysadmin team, then go about asking people to fill in.  Have
not looked into getting the list of SVN users yet.  Will get to that later.


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