New IP addresses for GNOME Subversion and L10N machines

Due to reasons beyond our control, we will shortly be changing the IP
addresses for the GNOME subversion and L10N machines. I currently expect
we will be doing this at some point on Sunday 16th September 2007. The
old IP address should continue to work until 22nd September, by which
time the DNS change should have fully propogated.

This change will largely be transparent except for developers using
Subversion/SSH, for whom this change will likely cause your subversion
client to give an warning. This warning is just to highlight the fact
that the IP address has changed and can be ignored.

The new IP address for the subversion server will be, and
the server's host key fingerprint is as before:


Apologies for any inconveniences. Please post any questions, comments or
follow-ups regarding the change to 'gnome-infrastructure gnome org'.



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