MySQL configuration fixes

Hi all,

With the increased load on MySQL, I've taken the opportunity to make some
low-hanging-fruit improvements to our MySQL configuration on button, and
watched the performance characteristics closely over the past few days. I
am now happy with the following settings (for the moment, obviously):

  # Number of CPUs * 2
  thread_concurrency = 8
  # Hitting problems with bugzilla+blogs with 100, crank to 200
  max_connections = 200
  # Default is 28800, which is insane for pconnect-using apps
  wait_timeout = 120
  # Lots of threads were being created, slight overkill at 80
  thread_cache_size = 80
  # lowmem_prunes was skyrocketing, looks good with 64M
  query_cache_size = 64M

Any questions, let me know.


- Jeff

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