RE: Who's looking after drupal?

Hi Quim/Ross,

I've been watching the infrastructure list for a little while, and while I
wouldn't dare to touch most of the services you use, I use a CMS system very
similar to Drupal and indeed I had tried Drupal out before I eventually
settled on ModX.

I have 5+ years in PHP programming (mainly php5 now) and Apache website
admin experience since 1.3.20 (now familiar with 2.2.3.)

While I don't have much time in the week, I do at weekends and am more than
willing to lend a hand.

I also have my own development box co-lo'd in London, and could devote a
virtual host on this machine for dedicated development/testing if need be.



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I receive the Drupal security upgrades and I know at least is
outdated. However, I can't do the upgrades myself. I play with Drupal at
home but I don't dare to do so in the GNOME servers.

I asked John Hwang (tavon) to keep the Drupal updated and he
did an upgrade to 4.7.? like a month ago, but he is generally missing.

It is probably better to have a CMS Brigade (if possible) to make sure
the CMSs in the house (Drupal and the others) are upgraded when new
maintenance releases are available. 

I guess a problem is the typical lack of sysadmin time. Would it be
possible/interesting to recruit new sysadmins granting them permissions
only to do these upgrades and other CMS admin tasks? We could find

On Thu, 2006-10-26 at 15:19 +0100, Ross Golder wrote:
> Just wondering, as there appear to be a few Drupal-related setup 
> questions, and I feel like I've seen one too many Drupal-related 
> security announcement recently, who is our main Drupal guy? Or is it 
> just anyone with spare time, access and experience?
> Should setup/configuration requests be coming to one of our RT queues?
> Is anyone checking the security announcements and seeing whether any 
> apply to us?
> Anyone else think we should we be writing up somewhere what has been 
> checked, by who and when, perhaps at the bottom of the wiki page for 
> each service?
> --
> Ross
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