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Ross Golder wrote:
> เมื่อ อ. 2006-02-14 เวลา 12:08 -0800, C.J. Adams-Collier เขียนว่า:
>> Upon further reflection, I also believe that 8-char ascii-only
>> user names are discriminatory in nature and limit the
>> participation of the GNOME development community greatly to those
>>  who are trained in the English language, and more strictly, the
>> United States.
> How so? In what way does an 8-char ASCII-only user name
> discriminate against people, or limit their ability to participate
> in the GNOME projects. Please clarify.

I was under the impression that many folks in the world are not
educated in the use of English.  I know I've had problems
understanding some of my co-workers when they speak other languages,
and I assumed that the reverse is likely true as well.

> As far as I am aware, the English language is the 'lingua franca'
> of the modern world. To participate in almost any international
> project you need to use the English language, and in particular the
>  roman alphabet to communicate. It is the de-facto way of working.
> How often do you see an international delegate wearing a namebadge
> that only they can read?

Good point.  I've heard the English <-> 'lingua franca' thing before,
but then.... I don't know French :)

> Come to think of it, how often do you see 'Made in China' written
> in Chinese? ;)

heh heh

>> I think that we as a group would do well to remove this
>> discriminatory limitation from not only GNOME, but the services
>> that we use.  I feel that we should move to update any standards
>> that explicitly deny non-ASCII character sets, such as UTF8.
> Just because the technology can do it, doesn't mean the humans
> involved can (or should have to). Our accounts team consist of
> volunteers from several different countries. None of them have any
> problem setting up accounts using normal ASCII characters, but I
> expect they may have problems if asked to set up login accounts, or
>  look into problems using login accounts, where they were unable to
>  even read the login name (and had to continually cut'n'paste all
> the time).

Well put.  Perhaps we should have admins fluent in each language?
That's a lot of overhead, though, and I don't know what the cost to
benefit ratio is.

> My personal POV is that I don't see any big reason why we couldn't
>  entertain the idea of longer-than-8-char login names within reason
>  - i.e. to perhaps 12 chars, but I would certainly recommend
> against the use of non-ASCII ones.

That of course makes me happy regarding my personal issue, and I think
you've convinced me that until a request is made for a non-ASCII
username, that the subject need not be followed up on.

> -- Ross



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