Re: Fingerprints/RSA keys for gnome servers

On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 08:07:53PM +0100, Lars Clausen wrote:
> While readying a (long overdue) release of Dia, I was greeted with
> warnigs from SSH about both IP and RSA key having changed for
>  Poking around on the wiki and web pages and scanning
> the mailing list archives has not given me any indication of what the
> correct keys are.  Would it be possible to have the fingerprints of the
> servers either on the Wiki and/or sent to the mailing list when changed,
> so we can check them upon connecting?

Your last release was a very long time ago (19-Aug-2004). The GNOME
servers where hacked at some point. How often have you logged in?

Anyway, ssh-keygen -l -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts shows:
1024 8e:f8:80:3e:08:7e:6b:a3:5d:4e:6a:64:e2:54:0f:46
1024 8e:f8:80:3e:08:7e:6b:a3:5d:4e:6a:64:e2:54:0f:46,
1024 11:3e:dd:65:98:5b:12:c5:0b:82:4d:0b:9c:fa:e6:9f,

Oh, btw.. a while ago the servers where moved to a different location
and the IP addresses changed at that time. Was announced to d-d-l at
least + every page of

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