Re: Subversion migration reminder

Danilo Šegan wrote:
> Hi Ross,
> Today at 13:21, Ross Golder wrote:
>> Please note that the last 89 modules on that list haven't seen a commit
>> in the last 3 years (according to bonsai), so are very likely no longer
>> maintained, out-of-date or whatever. If anyone can confirm any of these
>> are redundant, please contact 'support gnome org' with the details so
>> they can be archived. Thanks.
> It's strange gnome-i18n is on that list since it gets regular commits
> in 'status' subdirectory:
> (especially 'data/translation-status.xml' in there)

You're quite right. I've re-run the migration of gnome-i18n (it was the
one module for which the cvs2svn process died mysteriously on the last
run), rebuilt it's bonsai data and re-factored it into the list. It's
actually had 5390 commits in the last 3 years, which puts it in 50th
position in the queue :)

> Btw, I'll probably hack something up to automatically move modules
> from CVS to SVN for translation stats based on status-all.xml on
> svn-test.g.o: is that updated real-time?

The migration script writes the status-*.xml files out once 15 seconds
while it's running, if that helps.


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