Label now master LDAP server


Whilst investigating a problem replicating LDAP changes from button (our
master) to label and socket (slaves), I found that label's LDAP setup
didn't seem to have been finished or tested anyway and that label was
using button as it's LDAP server anyway. I decided to get label working
first to see if it could shed any light on why I couldn't get socket
working. After a few hours banging my head, examining logs and running
error messages through Google, I discovered this:

Button (RHEL3), is running OpenLDAP 2.0, whereas label (RHEL4) and
socket (Dapper) are running OpenLDAP 2.2. It quickly became obvious that
if we are going to be doing any replication we need to be running a 2.2
master, so I made label the master instead of button, and set up
replication from label to socket. I transferred the live configuration
and data from button to label, tested it, updated the 'ldap-back'
/etc/hosts entry on the various machines and checked the create-auth-*
and export-*-mail scripts and updated the Mango configuration and tested
it. All seems fine. The change should be transparent.

Tomorrow morning, I'll stop the LDAP service on button and see what
breaks. I can't think of anything I've overlooked, but if I have it
shouldn't be hard to fix.


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