Re: (Potential) Request for UI- and feature-freeze break for Yelp

<quote who="Matthew Paul Thomas">

> Trying to stay away from the bikeshed, but: This function isn't for
> searching forums in particular, it's for searching the Web-based help for
> the distribution ( for Ubuntu, for Sled,
> for Fedora, and so on). So including "forums" in
> the URL is misleading.

Right, this specification was never made clear. An implementation was
demanded (at very short notice!), without sufficient details for making the
choices necessary for hosting an API. I have tried fairly hard to boil it
down to something future-proof, but I can't do that without a decent spec of
the problem (and no, I'm not willing to just whack any old thing up and see
what breaks in future).

So: I need you guys to give me a solid spec on what the API will do, and
where you see it going in future. Ideally on a wiki page or in a single
email (rather than individual dribs and drabs). We should take creation of
web APIs as seriously as we do platform APIs.

(That overgrown Cc line is back...)

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
   "Compassionate Conservative: I don't know what that is, sounds like a
                  Volvo with a gun rack." - Robin Williams

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