Re: (Potential) Request for UI- and feature-freeze break for Yelp

On Wed, 2006-08-30 at 11:06 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Jeff Waugh">
> > I pinged DonS again for the recipe, as I no longer had the script URL to
> > hand
> (And only now do I realise it was in the original mail... Gar!)
> > We can't 'quick fix' this: The whole point of doing this is to provide a
> > consistent, stable API.
> > 
> > >
> So now we have a location for APIs such as this, and a specific location for
> this API in particular:
> Let me know if you need anything changed for this - after 2.16 is out, this
> URL and its operation will be *set in stone*. :-)

I want the query string to be in the common
key=value form, like

It should silently ignore any keys other than
query, so that we can add information to the
query string, even before we've made the script
able to do anything with that information.

Notably, when we have something in place to
log queries, it would be very good to have
Yelp send its version along (which should be
indicative of the version of the desktop).
This would help us see, over time, if we've
done a good job in adding new documentation
to address common user needs.


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