Sun donation of a T2000

Hi all,

As part of their GUADEC sponsorship, we've negotiated with Sun that they
will donate a T2000 to the GNOME Foundation, with one precondition -
that we use it.

Apparently there was a Sun server donated back in the day, that never
got commissioned, and if the same thing were to happen again, it would
be rather uncomfortable.

The best idea I've heard so far for the machine was as a Solaris
tinderbox machine. It might also be worthwhile considering using it as a
webserver, given how good it is in multi-threaded environments.

Would a solaris tinderbox meet with the approval of you folks on the

If so, people at gnome-infrastructure, what would we need to do to get
the server into a rack somewhere and have it made available to people to
use/play with?


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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