Re: Mail configuration issues and revolunteering

<quote who="Ross Golder">

> If someone can come up with a), I'll be happy to make sure they get all
> the help and encouragement they need to carry it out in part b) :)

I'll start looking at it in more detail in two weeks, when I get back from
the states.

> I guess for d) at the very least we ought to have a slave MX server
> somewhere.

Secondary MXes that are not in our control are undesireable, but given the
machines we already have, we can load-balance and failover among them

> Ah, that reminds me. Who were those big name companies asking for our
> hardware wishlist again? I thought of 'network monitoring server' (so
> Toni and I could set up NAGIOS etc).


> We could add 'slave NS/MX server' to that list.

These really don't require another machine.

> It'd be nice if those big name companies could also host a couple of these
> servers too.  Having resources outside of RedHat's Phoenix colo would give
> us improved redundancy/flexibility should any part of the internet lose
> connectivity to the Phoenix network. Perhaps even have them hosted outside
> the US completely (in Europe/Australia)?

Strongly agree (a bugbear of mine from way back).

- Jeff

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