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Distribution: Debian testing/unstable
Package: gnome-media
Severity: normal
Version: 2.10.2
Gnome-Distributor: Debian
Synopsis: gnome-cd needs a gconf key to select between 2.8 and 2.10 behaviors
Bugzilla-Product: gnome-media
Bugzilla-Component: Gnome-CD
Bugzilla-Version: unspecified
Since the gnome-media upgrade from 2.8.0 to 2.10.2, gnome-cd is totally
unusable for me; playback continuously hickups and stutters.

I am told that it's caused by a complete recode of gnome-cd to extract the CD's audio data in real time using cdparanoia and gstreamer, instead of just controling track selection and outputing sound via analog audio cables as before. I am also told that doing this was necessary to support recent hardware that comes without such analog audio cables.

Unfortunately, realtime extraction incurs a strong performance cut because of its increased resource requirements and that essentially prevents usage of gnome-cd (>= 2.10) on older hardware.

It would be necessary to have a gconf key to select whether gnome-cd shall output sound via the analog CD audio cables (2.8 behavior) or via realtime cdparanoia extraction (2.10 behavior).


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