Re: Mail configuration issues and revolunteering


2005/7/5, Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org>:
> Revolunteering: A number of times in the past, I have offered to configure,
> fix and document the mail setup on the GNOME machines. I don't think I've
> ever received clear encouragement to actually go and do it, but now we have
> a new sysadmin team, and I'm sure you can all follow along. I'd start by:

Jeff, if I could assist you in any way please let me know since I
would love to help out.
It sounds like work you have to do ... but it also sound pretty
interesting to me ;)

Umm, yeah  ... I just wanted to offer my manpower ... and I did, so
this eMail is finished.

Have a nice day guys !


Mirko derk Klinner
mklinner gmail com

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