Re: local rsync script for cvs

Ross Golder wrote:

Attached is a simple shell script for performing a local rsync. As I
have no ssh access, I cannot put the finalized paths into the
script, but I have tested it on my machine and it works.

There probably wasn't any need to tar/bzip it, as it's just a single

rsync -a -c -q -z -e
ssh /path/to/cvs /path/to/one/dirlevel/higher/than/cvs/mirror --eahfs

It was already b'zipped as I had chucked it on my webserver and
wanted to avoid any apache MIME issues.

The /path/to/cvs is /cvs/gnome.

Good to know.

This can be used to rsync the cvs repository between dirs on a
single machine. Once cron'ed, it's automagic. The instance of rsync
in the script has been flagged to use compression and checksums.

The '-e ssh' bit can also be done by setting 'RSYNC_RSH=ssh' in the

But I assume laziness when writing scripts. :)

Please ensure that the final path for the destination is the path
*above* where you want $cvsroot mirrored. And of course the user
that executes this via cron needs read for the source and write for
the destination.

Once it is ensured that this script works on a local machine I'll
begin cooking a script to rsync across hosts to smooth the mirroring
Presumably, this script is intended to be a standard script for
anonymous CVS mirrors to use? If so, it might be worth asking Stric for
a copy of his script/command, which we know works well, and working from

If by "this script" you mean the one I mentioned I'll begin working
on and not the one I attached, then yes, you are correct. And I'll
ping Stric. Thanks. :)


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