Re: local rsync script for cvs

On อ., 2004-12-28 at 23:51 -0800, mneptok wrote:
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> Attached is a simple shell script for performing a local rsync. As I
> have no ssh access, I cannot put the finalized paths into the
> script, but I have tested it on my machine and it works.

There probably wasn't any need to tar/bzip it, as it's just a single

rsync -a -c -q -z -e
ssh /path/to/cvs /path/to/one/dirlevel/higher/than/cvs/mirror --eahfs

The /path/to/cvs is /cvs/gnome.

> This can be used to rsync the cvs repository between dirs on a
> single machine. Once cron'ed, it's automagic. The instance of rsync
> in the script has been flagged to use compression and checksums.

The '-e ssh' bit can also be done by setting 'RSYNC_RSH=ssh' in the

> Please ensure that the final path for the destination is the path
> *above* where you want $cvsroot mirrored. And of course the user
> that executes this via cron needs read for the source and write for
> the destination.
> Once it is ensured that this script works on a local machine I'll
> begin cooking a script to rsync across hosts to smooth the mirroring
> schema.

Presumably, this script is intended to be a standard script for
anonymous CVS mirrors to use? If so, it might be worth asking Stric for
a copy of his script/command, which we know works well, and working from



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