Re: Account team out of business?

Ross Golder wrote:
Do we need to give more people power to create CVS accounts?

Yes, I have been preparing to do that recently. These days, handling
accounts requests doesn't need any major root-fu know-how (just a little
prior knowledge, a browser, some spare time and some common sense). I've
been trying to write up the daily accounts-handling procedure in such a
way that we can delegate the task to a separate accounts team, with
perhaps 4-5 members organising themselves in shifts or whatever. That
shouldn't take long - I'll try to coax Kurt and Toni into helping out
with that and get that set up in the next few days if possible.

If anyone is reading this and wants to volunteer for the new team,
please sign up on #sysadmin (or by e-mail to accounts gnome org). We
can't just let anyone become an account admin, so please expect to have
to qualify yourself (in terms of trustworthiness/responsibility etc).
But, if you're trustworthy and can help, your assistance will be greatly

We might also consider a self-service system where CVS module maintainers could create CVS accounts. The problem here is that every CVS account can write to each module. This works fine on, but there one can only write to modules he's member of.

- Toni

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