Re: New Mailing list

Hi Ross,

Thanks for replying -- I was worried there that my post would be lost in
the ether.

> I'm not sure about this one. According to our (basic) rules, cowbell
> qualifies in that it looks like a fairly established project, but on the
> other hand we'd like to avoid setting up (and maintaining/archiving etc)
> lots of GNOME lists that can't be hosted elsewhere.
> You seem to have the other aspects of the project happily hosted
> elsewhere (svn/web/bugs etc), so I'm just curious as to why you are
> looking to host your list on

The main reason is the exposure.  Hosting a project on gives
it instantly thousands more eyes than hosting it on my own site, not to
mention the collaboration possible with such a distributed environment.
Hosting cowbell myself is nice, but its definitely showing its
limitations when others want to help out.

If it would make it easier, I can move my bug tracking over to b.g.o,
but I was just trying to minimize the amount of work to you guys :).

Thanks again.


Brad Taylor
Genome Software LLC

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