Re: hardware for anoncvs

Jonathan Blandford wrote:

>I missed this -- do we actually need hardware for anoncvs?  I'm
>wondering if we can just turn on pserver on container or widget.  When
>we first set up anoncvs, we had pretty poor bandwidth to the
>machines and canvas was underpowered.  Things have changed -- we have
>more than enough bandwidth and machine power now.
>Tomas, do you have any idea of how much anoncvs traffic we get?  Given
>that container is pretty underutilized, should we look into doing this?
>It would have the added advantage of being current, and not lagged.  We
>could also do it on window, which has a read-only mounting of
>/cvs/gnome, which would make me feel a bit better about it.
If you do turn on pserver, you might want to look at the patches that
are being used on so that the cvs pserver runs
completely unprivileged (it essentially forces the '-R' option).

This makes sure that anonymous sessions can never leave stale locks
around and limits the possible damage when the next CVS vulnerability is


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