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On Thu, 2005-08-11 at 00:07 -0700, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Ross Golder">
> > Does RT do all this? Can Bugzilla do this? I know Mantis can, but am I
> > overlooking some other requirements?
> RT is generally used for managing short term, fast turnaround tasks, such as
> support requests and the like. It is not ideally suited to long term project
> tracking. Bugzilla is better suited to that (but then, I've yet to see a bug
> tracking system that is usefully suited toward project tracking).
> I'd suggest sticking to RT for task tracking, and the wiki for project
> documentation and tracking.

I also have used Mantis and concur it would get the job done. Mantis has
the advantage of keeping this stuff out of the existing Bugzilla install
that is used by the community. It would be a walled garden keeping us
admins from running amok in the community's world. Bugzilla, obviously,
is already installed and in use. Discretion being the better part of
valor, I leave it to more seasoned folks than myself to hash that
question out.

The problem I see with using solely the wiki is that the wiki has no
real sense of status for action items. How do we close projects, or
project milestones? How do we track who is working on what and where
they are in their work? Who, what, where, when, HUH?! :)

I think the best idea is to use the wiki for project announcements and
feedback. Use it to create the project framework and milestones within
that framework, if applicable.

Once the project is finalized and the community has had a chance to
kibbitz, start Mantis (or Bugzilla) action items for the project and its
individual milestones. This allows us to definitively close parts of
projects, and then eventually projects themselves. It also allows the
community to see clearly what is being done, by whom, and where in the
pipeline things rest.

My $0.02.

P.S. Jeff, I feel like a total toadface. You were in Portland for OSCON
and I spaced. We could have had you over to the house for dinner, movie,
and sundries. Man I suck.


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