Issue tracking systems

What's the best way that we can track and handle the outstanding (and
incoming) GNOME sysadmin issues?

We've got RT (thanks to Toni), which we should hopefully start using
shortly to handle incoming accounts/cvsmaster type requests. That's
great, but what about tracking other jobs, like the subversion
migration, fixing up bonsai, sorting out the mail config, upgrading the
machines to RHEL4? At the moment, they're loosely clinging on to a wiki
page on the wiki, but IMHO that's just a temporary holding area until
we've got a decent system to log them in and assing them to the various
team members etc.

One idea was to treat issues as bugs, and track them (and their
history/assignment etc) in bugzilla, under a set of gnome-sysadmin
related modules. I figure this would work, but would it be optimal.

Another idea (because I use it a lot with customers) is to try Mantis
(, which is basically a bug tracking system
(like bugzilla). It might have different qualities that may be more
applicable to our needs (or not, maybe).

Basically, a quick 2-minute think about our requirements suggests we
need a system that can:

- display outstanding sysadmin issues (except those marked as 'private')
to anyone,
- allow anyone to add a new issue, or add a comment to an existing
issue, or add themselves to the CC list
- assign the ticket to one of the sysadmin team members
- allow the reporter or a sysadmin team member to close the ticket
- generate e-mails to interested parties when information on the ticket
is updated.

Does RT do all this? Can Bugzilla do this? I know Mantis can, but am I
overlooking some other requirements?



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