Re: msgfmt?

Ross Golder wrote:

On อ., 2005-08-09 at 16:44 +0930, Clytie Siddall wrote:
Hi guys :)

I submitted an updated file today, and fortunately the commit check caught a variable which hadn't been changed.

But my msgfmt check turned up clean. I find this very puzzling, since the variable was definitely wrong.

Not sure if it's the best advice, but I did this for a load of
gtranslator po files recently (changed 'translator_credits' to
'translator-credits' in all files with sed), and found a couple of them
would no longer commit (due to new msgfmt checks). I fixed those cases
where I could and simply commented out the ones that I couldn't (only a
handful of cases). Hopefully, next time the translators looks over those
files they'll get fixed up properly.
Grepping the .po files from GNOME 2.12 today (now) shows that the following remain to be fixed:

bug-buddy.HEAD.el.po:msgid "translator_credits-PLEASE_ADD_YOURSELF_HERE"
dasher.gnome-2-12.el.po:msgid "translator_credits"
gconf-editor.HEAD.el.po:msgid "translator_credits"
gnome-applets.HEAD.el.po:msgid "translator_credits"
gnomemeeting.HEAD.el.po:msgid "translator_credits"
gnome-netstatus.HEAD.el.po:msgid "translator_credits"
gnome-nettool.HEAD.el.po:msgid "translator_credits"
gucharmap.HEAD.el.po:msgid "translator_credits"

Simos Xenitellis

I'm using:

msgfmt -cv

and normally that catches all the usual errors, including disparate printfs.

What version of gettext are you using?

I just checked, the version of gettext running on container for the
commit check is 0.11.4. I didn't realise it was that ancient!

I just tried to rebuild a more recent one (from FC4's 0.14.3 SRPM), but
it's not playing nicely with the older auto* environment on the servers (and I don't fancy upgrading all that too just to
rebuild a gettext RPM!).

CCing infrastructure: Consider this a 'todo' item to upgrade gettext on
container. Or, arrange to get the machines upgraded to RHEL4 (or
anything more up-to-date than bloody RHEL3!!!).


Can someone help me sort this out, please? I don't want to submit incorrect files. :(

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