Re: Secondary NS/MX required

On Sat, 2004-06-26 at 11:54, Ross Golder wrote:
> Does anyone out there have some spare bandwidth to help host secondary
> domain name services and/or act as a secondary mail server for domains
> associated with It isn't likely to involve a great amount of
> traffic unless RedHat have some kind of outage.
> If you're interested, please send a message explaining roughly what kind
> of bandwidth you have available, and a little about the organisation
> that hosts it (to help us decide among the offers). Please send your
> message directly to the 'gnome-sysadmin gnome org' list for evaluation.
> Or if you know of anyone who may be interested, please pass this message
> on.

OK, we've had two offers for slave nameservers which we'll follow up,
but still no offers of a secondary MX. Fair enough slaving DNS is easy
to set up, low traffic and fairly low risk. Understandably, finding
someone prepared to setup and allow mail traffic will be a bit harder.

When I get a moment, I'll try to make the request in a few more public
places (, etc) to reach a wider audience.
Can anyone think of anywhere else that might reach the right kind of

If all else fails, I have a co-hosted server with a decent ISP in the UK
that could be used. However, I might have to take it down at any point,
so I'd rather see it hosted on a server with a better guarantee of
longevity, iyswim.



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