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Hello all,

My name is Kurt, and I recently decided to start supporting GNOME in
what small way(s) I can. My code-fu is OK, but doesn't measure up to
the level needed to make serious and valuable contributions to the
GNOME codebase.

My sysadmin skills are far more refined. I have admin'ed many
machines on a myriad of platforms over the years. Got my start in
the late 70s in high school and have never looked back.

I'm not chomping at the bit to dive in and get my hands dirty,
although I am willing. My decision to offer what help I can is not
about ego-stroking or bragging rights. It's about making a
worthwhile contribution. If that means doing a ton of stuff right
now, smashing. If it means sitting on my hands and waiting for an
opportune time, I'm comfortable with that.

My website has more information about me. Of particular interest may
be the "About" page and my resumé:

I'm idling on #sysadmin as we speak, and any and all are welcome to
poke and prod and ask me questions. Of course, the quality of the
output may well depend upon the quality of the input. ;)

Looking forward to working with you all in whatever capacity I can.

Best regards,


kurt von finck
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