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On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 1:13 PM, "Sankarshan (সঙ্কর্ষণ)"
<foss mailinglists gmail com> wrote:
> Sorry about letting the ball slide on this - so how do we go about
> getting this done ?

First off, let's have a catchy name :-D

> I'd rather have someone locally do some spiffy work on this. Who's the
> best person ?

Arun would've been the best person, but it seems that between his new
job and, the poor chap barely has time to waste on youtube.
Hence, I (yes, lil ol' I) have been ordered by the gweat nvidia guy to
do what I can.

Mart Raudsepp (leio {gnome,gentoo}.org) is very interested in
improving the performance (memory wise at first) of GNOME. He works
for a company that deals with embedded systems, so I can see where the
drive comes from :-)

I shall try to work with him on this. There's also an (out of date)
overlay at
updates shall be posted as they happen :)

And of course there's Arun Chagatny to con into doing this stuff
(right vimzard? ;p ).

Statutory warning: I do not know gobject, and know only basic C. Do
not expect wonders out of me :p

~Nirbheek Chauhan

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